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Paul Schneidmill


Allow me to introduce you to a delightful and wonderful young lady named, Angela B. Schneidmill. 


Angela is my nine-year-old daughter.  She is a treasure!  Very often upon arriving home from a day at work, as soon as I see her, I’ll greet her by saying, “It’s my amaaaazing daughter!” 


For she is: The Amazing Angela!


Angela is my only daughter born after fathering three sons (one is a full-grown adult living in New Jersey who may or may not still know me – never co-sign even if you have to suffer resentment indefinitely, one died before he reached the age of two, and Paul B., my loyal young soldier – aged 11, whom you may have read about, resides and thrives within our humble abode).


Let me tell you about Angela: The Amazing Angela!


Angela is creative, energetic, enthusiastic, funny, happy, inquisitive (a business-minder, as I call it), intuitive, loving, playful, talented, talkative (very much so), and very, very, very smart. 


I’d like to say she acquired most of those qualities from me, but as a Christian and a minister of the Gospel, I’m under mandate to not only tell the truth, but live a life of honesty.  Therefore, her Mom gets the credit…though she couldn’t have done it without me…


Angela has a stuffed animal collection you would not believe.  She has over 70 stuffed animals – bears, cats, cheetahs, dogs, fish, horses, leopards, lions, tigers, a turtle, most recently a monkey, and I’m sure I left some types of species out.


She plays with them tirelessly, takes frequent trips with them to “Animal World” to have “Animal Adventures,” and each of her animals has a name – their own special and specific name.  Angela knows them all by name and expects us (Mom, Dad, and brother) to remember them.


When I think about how Angela has given all her “animals” names, I think about how Adam gave names to all the animals God brought to him (Genesis 2:19-20).  Like my daughter, that’s amazing.


When I think about how Angela knows all her “creatures” by name, I’m reminded that God knows the number of all the stars in His creation and he calls them all by their names (Psalm 147:4).  Just like my little “sweetie-girl,” that is truly amazing!


God also knows each of us, all of mankind, by name – each and every single one of us.  He knows all about us (Psalm 103:14).  He knows the exact number of the hairs upon our heads, and in actuality, He doesn’t just know how many we have, but He knows where each hair is placed in its specific, numerical designation (Matthew 10:30). 


You tell me that that’s not amazing. 


He’s good to each and every one of us (Psalm 145:9) and He also calls us by name.  The problem is that a good deal of the time many of us are not listening when He calls us.


If all mankind would listen for God’s voice and hear Him when He calls, that wouldn’t be amazing; that would simply be great and absolutely correct on our part.


I can validate this from a personal perspective because when He calls me and I listen and respond in trust and reliance upon Him, I enter into the most wonderful conversation ever and receive the most excellent direction and guidance there is. 


It’s amazing!


I’m grateful to have the privilege and opportunity to love, serve, and live for the one and only amazing, sovereign, and unparalleled God. 


I’m also grateful that He made the wonderful little girl who is my “amaaaazing” daughter.  He made and gave her to me to bring up in the sustenance (nurture) and encouragement (admonition) of Him (Ephesians 6:4).


In that respect and context, she could be, would be, and is, the one and only “Amazing Angela!”


Copyright © Paul Schneidmill