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Paul Schneidmill


I currently work as a Security Officer for a Department of the Army agency.  I handle a myriad and a plethora of administrative personnel and physical security concerns that involve analyzing, compiling, coordinating, developing, formulating, implementing, initiating, processing, and tracking things to completion.


The things I’m assigned to accomplish within the purview of my duties and responsibilities hold no large difficulties mainly because I’ve been working in this arena since 1991.  Therefore, I’ve gained considerable experience in this field over time.


However, there are factors and mitigating circumstances that cause difficulties in what I do, because in my field, I’m required to work based on, from, and with information; and very unusually it seems, I’m regularly given limited, little, or no information regarding agency aspirations, intentions, missions, projects, and tasks directly involved with what I do…until the very last minute.


(Right about now I’ve probably got the attention of someone reading this as there is now some identifying going on because it’s happened or is happening to you the reader, in your line of work or other relative situation.)


There’s a very simple solution for this issue, a very simple way of alleviating, correcting, and rectifying this concern/problem.


It’s called “Asking.” 


Sounds simple, right?  Sounds easy, correct?  Well, it is…if you ask the right person. 


Often (and over the years), I’d ask people who can or should be able to give me answers and/or information that would aid the processes requiring my involvement, but again often (and more often than not), the answers/information was not given.


Eventually, I learned to ask someone else…someone more forthcoming…someone more dependable, reliable, and infinitely concerned about me, my concerns, issues, and ultimately, any and all of the processes relative not only to what I do, but who I am.


His name is Jesus.


Many times He has said to me, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7 – NASB)


In His uniquely warm, accepting, and gracious, He invites me to do three things:


  • Ask – Put a question to; inquire about, request of or for.


  • Seek – Find or discover; search for, obtain or reach for.


  • Knock – Make a noise of declaration 


When I stack that three-fold invitation as it is placed above, the first letter of each lead “action” word, combined in the order, which He makes this offer, spells the word, ASK!


(I think it’s really great how He did that!)


Since taking Him up on this offer, I’ve learned that He always answers, and that His answers are always clear and consistent.  They’re also via a simple system of three responses.  Based on the query/request, He’ll answer, “Yes,” “No,” or “Wait.”  In the latter case, I’ve learned to wait, and wait on Him.  I’ve also learned that waiting on Him never poses a problem because He always has and provides the right answer!


The really great thing about this whole thing is that He gives this offer to anyone who will come to Him (there’s no discrimination or pre-screening involved)! 


So, bottom line, if you have a question or request that you’re not getting a response from people; ask the One who invites us to, and isn’t bothered or unhelpful when we ASK. 


When you ASK Him, you’ll get an answer, and it’ll be the right one.  That’s a truth I can explain by way of a variation on a Ray Charles jingle:


“You’ve ASKED the right One baby, unh, huh!”         



    Copyright  2004 © Paul Schneidmill