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A Soldiers Song


Robert M. Mayhew

Master Sergeant


How many Soldiers

Did here roam,

These majestic Forts

They Once called home?


How many Soldiers

Have gone in the past,

On a fearful trek

Where they’ve breathed their Last?


How many Soldiers

Bought honor one day,

Neath the flag they loved

For the USA?


Love of Country

To live or die,

Selfless Service

That’s the binding tie.


Fields of grain

Under the brilliant sun,

A secure Nation

Their bravery has won.


To belittle that now

After two hundred years,

Brings division and pain

Sorrow and tears.


The future’s for our children

It’s sure and it’s bright,

Through unwavering vigilance

And resolute might.


The service of many

Whos’ sacrifice’s true,

Brings glory and honor

To the Red, White and Blue.


They’ve died for you

They’ve died for me,

Their blood has bought our liberty,

Emblazoned in the memory

Of our country, one and all!


Their spirits soar above the trees

When Glory’s flying in the breeze,

God give them rest I’m on my knees

I pray Lord, pray Lord please!


Copyright © Robert M. Mayhew