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Before The Sun Came Up Today.


SGT Jerry Cascarelli


Hey, What did you do before the sun came up today?

Did you get up, get dressed, and go to PT?

Did you complain to yourself  “It’s too early” and ask “Why Me!”

Or did you stay in bed, roll over, and play dead.

Did you think of the soldiers lying in the sand in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan?

What would they say if he or she could see you today?

What do you think they would rather do than lay on the sand during stand to?


Is today the day we get attacked as I watch my buddies back?

Will I have killed some one when the fighting is done?

Will today be my last one. 

If I could just get back, to get up and go to PT how thankful I will be!

From a soldier who has been there to a soldier who has not.

In the desert where the sand was hot I prayed often I prayed a lot.

I thank God each day that I made it back OK.


So the next time think before you say, “It’s too early” or ask “Why Me?”

When it’s your turn where will you be?


Be thankful you’re here and get to PT!


© Jerry Cascarelli