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Russ "Poettrooper" Vaughn Poetry
That Ragged Old Flag ~~~ The 'Eathen ~~~ Dog Faced Soldier
In Flanders Fields ~~~ The Ballad of the Green Beret
Fiddlers' Green - GarryOwen ~~~ Charge of the Light Brigade
A Soldier's Christmas ~~~ Audie Murphy - Warrior Poet
The Final Inspection ~~~ Rudyard Kipling Poetry

Copyright © for the poetry on this site belongs to the individual authors. The original poetry appearing here was submitted for the Poetry Page of JD's Bunker, which was on line from 1997 to December 2005. Unfortunately, I no longer have contact with most of the authors. If you are the author of one of the poems and wish to make your contact information available for others desiring republication permission contact me with your information.

Original Poetry

Stan Armistead

America Here

Jerry Calow

A Tribute to Veterans
Gold Star Mothers
Beholding Beyond Words

MSG Juan M. Calva

Buckler or Bust

Mark R. Carpan

A Tribute to Soldiers

SGT Jerry Cascarelli

Before The Sun Came Up Today

Barbara Cox

Military Angels
Memorial Day
The Christmas Message

SSG Michael Curtis

The Cajun Medevac Few

SGM Frank Goodman

Black and White
Water Flows from My Eyes
Give Me My Blackness
She Gives Me Love
Swing Down Sweet Chariot
The Bus
This Rock

1SG J. D. Garrett

The Reason

James Thomas Karam

A Mystic Smile, From Across the Sea

Sandra Kicklighter

We Are The Missing
Thank You Brave Soldiers
Another Year - Still Missing
Viet Nam Vets

Janelle Leek

Thinking Of Soldiers
Bittersweet Christmas
Thank A Soldier
We Stand Free
My Soldier
Finally Home
Hey Soldier

SSG Jeremy Lowry

Coming Home
I Remember

Michael Lucas

A Firefighter's Night
Only God Knows Why
If Only You Knew
My Illusion

CPT Edward W. Luzadder Jr.

From The Zone

1SG Robert M. Mayhew

Love Me Now Dad
Fears Forage
A Soldiers Song
A Country Not Our Own
The Desolate Moutain Floor
This Won't Go Away
We're Important Too

Leann Rogers

Family, War, Freedom, And Pride

CSM Gerald J. Schleining Jr.

Rise Up

SGT David G. Scott


SSG Lawrence Spradley

A soldier's cry

Charles Stokes

Look Past What Meets the EYE
Lest we Forget

Lori Stroud

mechanical dogma

James Weatherford

At Sea, North of Danang, 1972

Michelle Ziadeh

Sailor Love


Field of Heroes
The Stars Made Me Do It

Other Poetry Contributions

Submitted by CPT Michael Evans

No Man's Land
Riahku - Eighth Century

Submitted by M. Blessing

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