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Paul Schneidmill


Maybe you can help me. 


Iím confused and whenever Iím confused, it is my custom to become unconfused by asking for assistanceÖso Iím hoping you can help me.


December 25th and the time-period surrounding it, which for ages world-wide has been recognized, known and accepted as the celebration recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ, i.e. ďChristmas,Ē is no longer being recognized by many as ďChristmasĒ in America.


According to what Iím hearing and learning, masses of Americans (who are undoubtedly smarter than a box of bricks on crack) desire that our nation as a whole, no longer call Christmas, Christmas; but rather, a ďHoliday


All holidays commemorate and/or represent someone or something, so if people are adamant about not recognizing the Christmas holiday for the One whom it actually commemorates, then what ďholidayĒ is being celebrated?


Imagine going to a birthday celebration, participating in and enjoying the festivities, while completely disregarding and ignoring the person whose birthday the celebration is for.


Better yet and relative to, imagine having surgery while the surgeon and all the surgical staff purposefully fail to acknowledge or admit theyíre working on you, the patient; but merely performing a procedure.


Why canít Christmas be called Christmas?  Thatís really what it is?


Just as World War Two veterans were compelled to inform President Clinton when he wanted to change the V-J (Victory over Japan) Day commemoration to V-P (Victory over the Pacific) Day, that they didnít fight and win a war against an ocean; we who know the truth pertaining to the birth of Christ, must adamantly proclaim the day and season for what it really is.


To quote my good friend, John Hall: ďIf you donít want to celebrate Christmas for what it is, then donít; but, by God, itís Christmas!Ē     


Paul Schneidmill © Copyright 2005