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Paul Schneidmill


Dear Friends,


I do apologize for not getting a submission out to you all over the last weekend (July 2-4, 2005). 


I really wanted to write and submit something regarding our nation’s annual independence recognition day (July 4th).  Unfortunately, I was locked out of the computer I use for this purpose that Friday (July 1, 2005) due to operator error (mine) and was unable to get back in until the following Wednesday (July 6, 2005).


When the unfortunate incident happened (which I remind you was my error), I immediately called my friend, mentor, and the director of this website (the Honorable Command Sergeant Major (ret) and brand, spankin’ new Grandpa; James D. Pendry).  Unsurprisingly, he exercised the quality of mercy.


In light of this, I will simply tell you that all is well with me and my family (as I pray it is with yours), I am doing well still in the Army Management Staff College’s (AMSC) Sustaining Base Leadership and Management (SBLM) course (just completed Week #8), and I appreciate all that you do in terms of reading these submissions, sharing your comments, encouragement, and views; and including me in your prayers.


I did/do have an inspired idea to write about for this week’s submission, but as I am eager to get home and see my family, my Heavenly Commander in Chief (CIC) has also exercised the quality of mercy.  He’s allowed me to simply “catch up” with you.   


I’m grateful for that and His mercy, however, I cannot in good conscience dash away without sharing with you something that can be found in the rich, treasured, and unparalleled storehouse that is the Word of God.


Just as I am exercising a desire to “catch up” with you, God would love for us to “catch up” with Him.


He wants to hear from us regularly just as a true earthly father wants to hear regularly from his child. 


Though the world sometimes seems to be in a state of unrest and all manner of atrocities and unimaginable incidents are happening on what seems like a daily basis, God is still sovereign, yet in control and on the throne – and He hasn’t gone anywhere that He can’t be reached. 


Give Him a call…pray to Him and get “caught up” with Him. 


He’s waiting to hear from you right now (Jeremiah 33:3)



Copyright 2005 © Paul Schneidmill