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Paul Schneidmill


See if you can identify with any of the following:


* Received a letter or package through the mail. 

* Given birth to a baby (women only).

* Been freed or released from punishment, persecution, or a debt.


If your answer was yes to any of them, you have experienced the immeasurably important service of a “deliverer” (though the three instances stated are by no means an all inclusive list relative to the capacity of a “deliverer”).


A “deliverer” can be one who takes something to an intended recipient (i.e., a mail-carrier).  A “deliverer” can aid or assist in giving birth (women know best), but most importantly of the three examples, a “deliverer” is one who is able to perform the requirements necessary to liberate and set free a person or persons from circumstances, situations and/or things one could not normally gain liberty or freedom from by themselves. 


I’ve received numerous letters and packages during my lifetime – they were “delivered” to me by people in the postal service business.


Additionally, I was present (and participated) when my children were born – a physician and other people in the medical profession assisted my wife in the “delivery” of union products.


Also, I’m so very happy to tell you, that I was “delivered” (made free) of an enormous plethora of damaging, debilitating, destructive, and devastating habits and inclinations associated with my human nature, when Christ, the Deliverer, gave and taught me the truth of the Word of God (John 8:32; 17:17, 2 Samuel 7:28).  I was unable to do this on my own.


There’s another thing a “deliverer” does that I didn’t include previously.  This particular thing can be associated with the first example.  A “deliverer” presents/surrenders something or someone, to another.


When I came to the knowledge of the truth of God’s Word, Jesus Christ, the Divine and Unparalleled Deliverer, forgave me my debt of disobedience to God’s original design for mankind (myself in particular), gave me the gift of Eternal Life, and “surrendered” all that I am to God, the Father (prayerfully read John 17 in its entirety). 


I am now, right now DELIVERED (liberated and set free) from any and every thing real or imagined, that could conceivably keep me from having and living the overflowing and plentiful life God intended for all mankind, only because of the coming of Christ, the Deliverer (John 10:10).


There is no other deliverer like Christ, the Deliverer.


He is the Postman for all people and panorama (Matthew 11:27; 28:18).

He is the Birthing Assistant for all who are born new into God’s family (John 3:1-7).   

He is the Liberator for all who are locked into the confines of sin (John 3:17), and 

He is the only One who can present you to God (John 14:6). 


He is Christ, the Deliverer.


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