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Coming Home


SSG Jeremy Lowry


I’m coming home today.

The sky is drizzly and gray

The sound of Taps haunts the air,

Sweetly chilling, it brings a tear.

I see the light

I regain my sight,

There’s a flag draped casket.

My family is circled around it,

The bugler stops,

I know now where I am.

I feel calm; a perfect peace.

I have no regrets.

I look around and see,

There’s a doughboy,

Reaching out to welcome me.

I see a Union Soldier,

Relaxing ‘neath a tree,

An Unknown Soldier is saluting

Welcoming me home like many before

I’m with my band of brothers

We’ll never be alone.

We know what it is to be free.


Copyright © J. Lowry, 2004, All Rights Reserved