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Paul Schneidmill


My Pastor and friend, Reverend and Doctor Columbus Watson, is an incredible man.  He has been faithfully serving God and people in the capacity of a Christian “shepherd” for forty-four consecutive years.


He has an immeasurable plethora of God-given talents which I could easily begin naming them to give you an idea of the wealth of his positive attributes. 


However, I’d simply like to highlight one of the many: He has and exudes the gift of “Encouragement,” and he excels in demonstrating and distributing it    


I’ve had the privilege of observing him encourage people as if he’s employing some “super power” that can “only be used for good.”  Were he accused of encouraging the tortoise to win the race against the hare (of that particular story); I would testify in court under oath that he likely was guilty.


Pastor Watson’s ability to encourage is so beneficial, inspiring, and powerful to virtually everyone he freely gives encouragement to; the far-reaching and final affect of his encouragement cannot be calculated, determined, weighed, or valued by any humanly designated or known measurement.


If more people on the planet had, could, and/or would exercise the gift of encouragement as Pastor Watson does (even at the minutest level), great gobs of people would be empowered to strive and achieve immeasurably wonderful things to benefit themselves and mankind overall.


Recently, Pastor Watson let me know that he’d been observing me in my individual ministerial efforts.  He encouraged me by saying, “I like the way you serve and how you do it without fanfare.  God is going to open some doors for you that you thought were just walls.”


I’ve only had the privilege of knowing Pastor Watson for about ten years, but it’s been long enough to have a sense of certainty without a doubt, of the authenticity, power, and veracity of his words. 


Summation: Based solely on his personally encouraging declaration to me, shared with you two paragraphs above; lately I’ve been “looking for doorknobs” on every wall I come in contact with. 


Paul Schneidmill © Copyright 2005