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MSG Robert M Mayhew


Mountainous clouds

Fill the western sky,

Marching eastward

Yet I don’t know why.


The Slashing lightning

The wall of rain,

The looming darkness

Ushers in pain.


Their speed is increasing

That’s blatantly clear,

But these clouds are different

They’re clouds of fear.


These dark ravenous clouds

Are easy to find,

The clouds of fear

Fill our hearts and our minds.


Clarity of thought

Is masked right away,

With a shroud of darkness

That won’t go away.


They rain cold confusion

That chills to the core,

Which washes decisiveness

Right out the door.


In a plummeting hail

Our courage is made weak,

It’s laid heaped in a mound

With the ice at our feet.


With courage stripped away

Our soul becomes bare,

To an eroding effect

Which will rip and will tear,


At the last remaining vestiges

Of our leadership traits,

‘Till we’re worn to the bone

And tossed in life’s crates.


But to combat that fear

And to reclaim your call,

And your leadership traits

That’s no secret at all.


Faith is the fuel

That will give you the might,

To pound back your fear

And to win you that fight.


Faith in yourself

From your trek through life,

The learning thusfar

The hurdles, the strife.


Faith in your soldiers

That they’ll rise to the call,

By your leadership, your mentoring

Your teaching and all.


Faith that this Nation

Will stand strong in its might,

As you go off to war

Her battles to fight.


And Faith that safety

For you and those loved,

Will wrap gently ‘round you

From our God above.


Either Faith or fear

Is yours to grab hold,

But Faith is always chosen

By the BRAVE and the BOLD!


Copyright © Robert M. Mayhew