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Sergeant David G. Scott

There are two kinds of men in this world,

those who watch, and those who are watched.

One group envies the other for

the things that the others do

that they would not, or could not.

They are weak and they believe it.

They are weak because they believe it.

There is more to this world than we know,

and will ever know.

Putting stock in that, thatís faith.

Putting faith in each other, thatís brotherhood,

and there is nothing better than

being able to count on a brother.

Knowing that there are such things that are so great

that they are worth dieing for.

But dieing isnít the ultimate sacrifice, faith is,

because everything begins with faith,

and for a lucky few it ends with faith as well,

faith in honor, faith in brotherhood and friendship,

faith in country, and finally faith in God.

Men on the field of battle fight not for a flag,

but for each other.

The greatest of these men fight even for the ungrateful,

for the men who silently watch and envy those who
do what they could not.

So pity not the man who fought on the field of battle,

pity the man who did not, because that man never new faith,
that man never knew brotherhood, honor, and country. 

Copyright© David G.Scott, 2003, All Rights Reserved