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Paul Schneidmill


Iím glad there is a day set aside in the good ole U.S. of A. to appreciate, honor, and recognize Dads.I understand that America is one of the few countries in the world that does so.


Iím glad that a lady named of Sonora Dodd, who was raised with her five siblings by her widowed Dad, desired to have a special day to honor her Dad after hearing a Motherís Day sermon in Spokane, Washington, circa 1909. (You see it ďpaysĒ to go to church in more ways than one.)


Iím glad she went to her minister that year requesting a church service be held in dedication of fathers on June 5th (her Dadís birthday).Because that date was too soon for the minister to prepare for such a service, it was postponed to June 19th, the 3rd Sunday of that month.


Iím glad that the service continued from that year on in that state, and that a fellow named J.H. Berringer also began holding Fatherís Day celebrations (in the same state) in 1912.


Iím glad that organizations and other states began impressing upon Congress to declare it an annual recognition day, and that President Wilson gave his approval of the idea in 1916.


Iím glad that President Coolidge made it a national event in 1924 for the purpose of establishing closer relations between dads and children, and to impress upon dads the great responsibilities of their parental purpose. ††


Iím glad that President Johnson declared the 3rd Sunday in June as Fatherís Day by presidential proclamation in 1966. (A History of Fatherís Day)


Iím glad for all Dads that are sho-nuff Dads Ė thereís a difference between ďbecomingĒ one and ďbeingĒ one.


Iím glad for all US Dads from Baltimore to Baghdad, from Kalamazoo to Kirkuk, from Memphis to Mosul, from Tempe to TikritÖand Iím praying for us all.


Iím glad there is a day for Dads even though Motherís Day is still holds the number one slot.


Most of all, Iím glad for my and mankindís true and heavenly Father (Matthew 23:9), who allowed and blessed me to be a DadÖI hope youíll excuse me now, I need to go check on my childrenÖ††


Paul Schneidmill © Copyright 2005