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Paul Schneidmill


I thoroughly enjoy the game of football!  Football is the only real sport in my estimation…and I’m speaking specifically of professional football, not college.  College football players can do a lot of things on the football field that becomes intensely difficult to do once they step up to the pro-level. 


I played football when I was younger (before the “y” in “young” began to show signs of fading/wear and tear in my life).  I wanted to play in High School, then college, and I had aspirations to become a professional football player…that’s what I wanted to do.


Here’s what happened:


I ran track one year in high school, wasn’t big or strong enough to play football, just barely made it out of high school academically, joined the U.S. Army to keep from becoming a professional leach, served there (with distinction) almost 21 years, and now watch the only real sport (in my estimation) on television.


Why did I tell you this?  Because I am still able to appreciate football and much more than its players (of whom Gale Sayers was the absolute best – in my estimation), I appreciate the plays that the game consists of.  There are numerous plays teams will employ to win or keep the opposing team from winning.  For example, when a team is on the offense, i.e., has the ball, they can execute running and pass plays – screens, traps, counters, reverses, and my personal favorite – “the bomb.”


The “bomb” is a play that requires one or more receivers to run a good portion of the length of the field to receive a long thrown pass by the quarterback.  As a youth in our street or field football huddle, I just loved it when the play called for somebody to go out for “the bomb.”


We called that play by simply saying, “Go deep.”


To “go deep” basically means to go far, go long, go way down the field as fast as one can in an effort to receive the football that will be thrown by the quarterback (provided there’s time to do so) as far or almost as far as he can throw it.


God often allows me to see many things as analogous to life.  I’m grateful.  I recognize that the play call known as “go deep” can also be related to loads of other things not associated with football.


As we travel through life, we have numerous opportunities in equally numerous areas to “go deep” – aspirations, careers, dreams, education, family, relationships, and the list can go on as far as “the bomb” can reach.  The only thing that can keep us from going deep is ourselves.  Sometimes we are afraid or uncertain because “going deep” in many areas of life often involves launching out into the unknown.  However, in a positive sense when coupled with honorable and positive purposes, “going deep” can be beneficial.  


At the end of August of this year, I celebrated my 17th year of the anniversary of my calling to the Gospel ministry.  Though I’m extremely grateful to God for picking me for such an immeasurable responsibility, I equate those 17 years of ministry to a “screen pass” play in football. 


I’m going to “go deep!” 


Near the end of September, my wife and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.  Though I’m intensely grateful that God pointed us out to each other and allowed us to pick each other, I equate our 13 years of marriage to a “running” play in football.  We’re going to keep running. 


We’re going to “go deep!”


During a vision God gave to the prophet, Ezekiel, as recorded in Ezekiel 47, there is a beautiful illustration of the benefits of going deep.  The prophet was given an opportunity to “go deep” spiritually, to “Go Deep” with God!  He was also shown the benefits of doing so.


Of all the ways we can “Go Deep” in life, the best, most awesome and wonderful way we can “Go Deep,” is to go deep with the one and only great, holy, loving, merciful, and sovereign God!


Get into the Word of God, the Bible.  Dive in, get drenched, enveloped, and submerged in it.  Go far, go long, go way out, and “Go Deep” into His Word that you may know Him!   


He can and will throw you a Perfect Pass!                     


Copyright © Paul Schneidmill