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Paul Schneidmill


This latest hurricane to hit the U.S. (named “Katrina” by the U.S. Weather Service) has imposed such a destructive fury upon several gulf-area states that is probably both inconceivable and unimaginable to most.    


I for one could not have imagined flood-waters rising so high that people in two and three story houses would have to retreat to their roofs to survive and boats could end up on top of hotels. 


Yet, during the great flood which destroyed the earth during the time of Noah (Genesis 7:19-23) …when flood waters rose so high and stayed so long upon the earth that they fashioned the current landscape of the planet, forming such amazing locales as Antarctica, Iceland, the Grand Canyon, etc., I’m certain that was unbelievable…especially to those who eventually did not survive…


Hurricane “Katrina” has taken an untold number of lives, destroyed countless, homes, businesses, worship centers, and property, displaced graves and mausoleums, implemented a large-scale propensity for sickness and disease, and ultimately brought out the best and something akin to the worst (unfortunately) in human nature.


In essence, “Katrina” has epitomized the meaning of “devastation” – “she” has ruined, laid waste, and brought about overwhelming circumstances and consequences.


Like many, I have listened to the news reports, seen the images and visuals, and heard the sorrowful stories of suffering concerning the untold number of Katrina’s victims.  Therefore, I do not wish to belittle or downplay the agony and misery “Katrina” has caused people by stating that:


There is and yet remains hope and help in the midst of this staggering situation, this devastation.


There is a sovereign God we can all get to know (1 Chronicles 28:9) and call upon (Jeremiah 33:3) to request and receive help (Matthew 7:7) for our family members, friends, and fellow man directly or indirectly affected by the devastation of “Katrina.”


My prayer for the victims of “Katrina” and all mankind is that we will do just that. 


 Paul Schneidmill  ©  Copyright 2005