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Paul Schneidmill


Recently, I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with a friend of mine who currently lives in Japan.  We’ve been discussing issues relating to and developing from “Katrina” – the horrific hurricane that brought death, destruction, and devastation to three gulf-area states within the U.S.    


The primary area of discussion my friend and I have been conversing about concerns the response given to the victims of the hurricane. 


Many people in the good ole U.S. of A. are also discussing the issue of the response to the victims – particularly because many are outraged (or profess to be outraged) due to a general belief/perception that the response to the victims (rescue, aid, and assistance) did not begin as rapidly as it could have/should have. 


There are those who believe the states and local governments did not prepare well for the disaster and respond properly, and there are those who believe that the presidential administration and federal government didn’t respond properly or quickly enough. 


The overall response or lack thereof (relative to many individual views…though likely/maybe/possibly/probably not necessarily based or founded upon valid, well-researched information) was compounded/impacted by the fact that the three hurricane-ravaged states have the highest poverty populace in the nation – consisting predominantly of Black people.


Unsurprisingly, racism has been determined/highlighted by some as the senior culprit of the response issue.  Quite a number of people are citing/designating the President as the senior racist.     


In light of this, once again our great nation has found yet another issue to be divided upon – rather than unite, stop pointing blame, casting accusations and aspersions, and focusing on the humongous help that all manner of God’s created people now need at this time. 


Because this is often the case in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” (and appears there will always be something for this to continue to be so), I propose a slight modification to America’s national pledge of allegiance be implemented to more accurately depict what it appears to me we are largely conveying to ourselves and the world:


“I pledge (invariably adhere to) allegiance (suspect loyalty) to the flag of the United (connected by soil) States (bordered territory) of America, and to the republic (club) for which it stands (periodically when it suits me), one nation (land-locked area) under God (as we understand the term and when that term or concept conveniently suits us) with liberty and justice for all (as we see it, when we see it, when we determine it and who determines it is being done).”


In a nation that professes to be “indivisible” in it’s national pledge…in a nation that spilt blood for our freedoms and to initiate/implement equality that was spearheaded by a the works and dreams of a wonderful and humble preacher; all Americans need to truly become “indivisible,” stop finger pointing, placing blame, pronouncing prejudicial judgments, and work together to help the victims and ultimately, one another.   


Paul Schneidmill ©  Copyright 2005