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Paul Schneidmill


I often talk/write about things that I’m grateful for.  I’m particularly grateful that God has taught me the importance and value of being grateful and expressing gratitude.


I recently had an encounter with an individual who has conveyed and even demonstrated (to a noticeable degree) a less than favorable  attitude towards me for some time now.


The encounter began during a work-related session.  The person of discussion was addressing a group of people and during the remarks, perceived others were  being disrespectful to him.   


It was indeed a perception, not a reality.  Nevertheless, this gentleman verbally lashed out at the perceived antagonists in anger, utilizing profanity.


Endeavoring to diffuse the situation, I told him that I didn’t believe he was being disrespected, but that there may have been a misunderstanding among some of the hearers regarding his actions and intent.


My remarks were not immediately received (probably also due to a misunderstanding of what I was saying at the time), but later, after I sent him an e-mail detailing my observation of the situation, something unexpected happened. 


He came to me and thanked me.


As you may have already determined, I was grateful, especially in light of the information related in the second paragraph of this submission.


I gather his appreciation for my views regarding the incident was due to the clarification of my earlier remarks as outlined in the e-mail.


Clarification aids in understanding and understanding is needed in virtually every facet of life.


After all, God said that in everything we acquire and concern ourselves with, with respect to the acquisition of “smarts” (wisdom), we should first and foremost strive to get the right insight (Proverbs 4:7).


Clarification is the essential and “insightful” ingredient that “clears up” understanding…especially when understanding  is “missed.”


Paul Schneidmill Copyright © 2005