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Once upon a time, a fellow named “Ray,” lived and thrived in his society and nation. 


Ray was carefree, confident, content, and happy.  He immensely and intensely enjoyed all the pleasures and privileges his country offered, without any reservations.  Ray was powerful, proud, prevalent, and for many years ruled all that he surveyed.


One day Ray met a powerful and intimidating adversary.  His antagonist, “E.Q.,” (for short) vehemently opposed Ray’s way of life; none of Ray’s actions, intentions, plans, or purposes was met by E.Q.’s approval and was challenged and contested continually in increasingly numerous ways.


Their opposition birthed much dissension.  Each marshaled an army of followers and supporters, deployed their forces against each other, engaged in a fierce, combative struggle that became a long, bloody battle. 


For most of the battle, Ray’s forces had the upper hand.  They fought ferociously; regularly decimating E.Q.’s forces, often by utilizing tactics E.Q. could not comprehend, fathom, or defend against.  E.Q.’s army suffered defeat after defeat, but proved to be a relentless, tenacious and tireless foe.


One day E.Q.’s army penetrated Ray’s defenses and struck a gravely staggering blow to the heart of their forces.  The majority of Ray’s army was severely wounded, placed in intensive care, and expected to die. 


E.Q. was elated and believing that Ray’s forces had been defeated, felt that they would eventually succumb, relinquish their spirit and die. 


E.Q. began to proclaim victory.  But then something happened…             


Ray’s army began to recover, recuperate and rehabilitate.  Upon realizing the blow they had received was not mortal, their collective resolve and determination to triumph began to grow and flourish.


They recognized they had suffered a great defeat, and as they began reviving, they realized the defeat was only temporary.  They also recognized that because the amount of injuries had been so devastating, they would no longer be able operate as before…it would be necessary to act, and even think differently, especially to survive and continue the long fight against E.Q….


When the intelligence report of Ray’s situation was disseminated to E.Q.’s headquarters, it was given something like this:


“We regret to report that Mr. Ray C. Ism and his forces have made a full recovery.  Due to injuries sustained, they will operate from a different vantage point than in the past.  To assure survival and continue operations against the forces allied to Mr. E. Quality, they will conduct covert actions and maintain their original agenda by employing subversive tactics throughout society consisting of Government, Industry, the Private Sector, and other venues.  Reports also determine that one specific misinformation campaign will include variations of the following statement: “We do not discriminate against any race, creed, custom, religion, or natural origin of any kind…”  Their personnel and supporters will also utilize disguises to continue attacks and protect them from operational exposure.  One of these disguises will be that of a simple smile.  The forces of Ray C. Ism will continue to operate indefinitely in opposition of the forces of E. Quality.”



I wrote you this figurative story to express the fact that Racism is alive and well. 


In his book, “Faces At The Bottom Of The Well,” author Derrick Bell writes the following about racism in America: “Racism is an integral, permanent, and indestructible component of this society.”  I know this to be true in the good ole U. S. of A. because I encounter and experience it in some form or manner on an almost daily basis.  It runs the gamut of being dispensed as blatant, “humorous,” subtle, veiled, and an assortment of other characters, from “a cast of thousands.”


Additionally and unfortunately, racism spans the globe.  It can be found in virtually every nation, country, municipality, and hamlet.  It is not confined to a class, cloister, or culture, nor is it found only on one or the other side of the proverbial “fence.”  It’s all over the “field” and unfortunately, we’ve all at one time or another, occupied parts of that field.


Jesus lived and taught equality and justice.  He proclaimed and mandated, “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you…(Matthew 7:12) 


Racism embodies, epitomizes, and exudes inequality and injustice, and I don’t believe there is anyone in existence who wants to be treated in an unequal or unjust manner for any reason; least of all the shade of ones skin, the heart and history of ones heritage, or the components of ones culture.


If you or anyone you know, know of or come in contact with, exercises the qualities of racism or any form of injustice imaginable, I have an intelligence report to disseminate:


“I regret to report…”         


Copyright © Paul Schneidmill 2005