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I Remember


Jeremy Lowry


It was a vicious attack,

Thatís what they all would say.

It seemed like nobody alive

Would ever forget that tragic day.


Our nation stood together,

Arms linked in beautiful pride

The soldiers were chomping at the bit,

To hit the ground and fight


Flags on all the cars,

The doors and windows too,

Everyone stood together,

Not just one or two.


Two years later I sit

The anniversary of that tragic day

The day no-one would forget

Now, itís just another Saturday.


The ones who once stood together,

Are back to the way they were.

They claim they still remember,

But speak against what weíre fighting for.


Our priorities are not the same,

Our nation is starting to forget,

Keep an important thought in mind,

How did you feel when we got hit?


Never forget.

©Jeremy Lowry