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Paul Schneidmill


My enormously exacting and exhilarating educational experience at the Army Management Staff College’s (AMSC) Sustaining Base Leadership and Management (SBLM) course is just about complete.


I have four more course weekdays and a graduation morning to go.


(You’re probably very glad because you’re probably tired of hearing about it.  Let me ask you this, “What else was I supposed to write about during these past eleven weeks?”  I’ve been engulfed, overwhelmed, and surrounded by the course’s curriculum and requirements so intensely that there was nothing more significantly paramount going on with me from which I could experientially draw upon to write about…)


Though all the work is not completely done (I’m getting ready to write an executive summary as well as do some other course-related things), I can now “see” the end of the road of a journey that began that began on May 15, 2005. 


We (all mankind) participate in various “journeys” as we travel through “this life.”  I emphasize “this life” because “this life” (our present, physical life) is not the only one available to us.  The other “life” available is the “Eternal Life” Jesus Christ gives to all who believe in Him and trust Him for it.       


In each of our physical lives, there will be a series of “journeys” within the journey.  All those little “journeys” will eventually end, just as the journey of this life will end.


The “Eternal Life” that can only be received through Christ, can and will never end.


My journey with the Army Management Staff College (education-wise) is about to come to an end.  I’m sincerely grateful for what the school taught me and how it has prepared me for other “journeys” within this life – which will eventually end. 


I’ll continue participating and hopefully learning from the “journeys” within my life’s journey, but more importantly though, I’m going to be preparing to experience the Eternal Life I received and accepted via the invitation of the Lord Jesus Christ.


He has given that invitation to all of mankind.  Have you accepted yours? 


It’s the only invite that provides eternal life at “this life’s” “journey’s end!”

Paul Schneidmill © Copyright 2005