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Paul Schneidmill


Recently, I attended an organizational “Sicnic.”  A “Sicnic” is my interpretation of a sad Picnic.  I don’t mean sad in terms of the planning, preparation, activities, and food for a picnic; I mean sad in terms of the attitude, character, and persona of a good percentage of the attendees at the picnic. 


Let me clarify:


Almost everyday, I come in contact with people who are hurting and suffering.  The majority of these dear people do not/will not admit this, but to the discerning heart, it is noticeable and obvious.  Often, their hurt and suffering translates manifests itself into hostile and negative ways in which they treat others.  Usually, the recipients of this treatment are undeserving, and will often retaliate against that unmerited/undeserved treatment.  This in turn, only fosters and initiates further hostility.


Therefore, at a “Sicnic,” people normally mean and angry to others due to inner hurts and pains; smile and laugh at and with the same people they’ve mistreated at previous times.


When the Savior of the world came to the planet He created, He stated that He came to give us (mankind) life and bequeath us with a gift of peace.  Regarding life, He said, “I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.” (John 10:10b, CEV)  Pertaining to peace, as He prepared for the sacrifice He would make to give us that life, He said, “I am leaving you a gift – peace of mind and heart.” (John 14:27a, NLT)


It’s true that hurting and suffering are unavoidable facets of our earthly lives.  It’s also true that the way we respond to our hurts, pains, sorrow, and suffering can affect, or even determine the outcome and results of them.  The Savior’s work, His gift of abundant life and provision of peace, enables us to respond to the low points connected to our lives, in a manner that doesn’t harm or mistreat others.


This fulfilled life He gave and the peace He left; is still available to all.  It has not dissipated, dissolved, expired, gotten stale, loss its shelf-life, or become obsolete.  Also, that same Life-Giver and Peace-Provider is still near enough for anyone to go to Him to freely access and acquire both. 


Want to have this unique, one and only life and peace? Want an excellent way to accept, deal with, and meet head-on, the agonies and sufferings we must encounter in this life?  Go to the Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ, and get what He has given, and still today freely offers. 


Trust me; you’ll have a real “Picnic.”           



Copyright © 2004 Paul Schneidmill