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A Perspective On Purpose


Paul Schneidmill




Recently as I was thinking (which I am periodically prone to do), the word, “purpose” was the first thing that came to my finite mind.


I know that there are loads of people currently reading “The Purpose Driven Life,” and an excellent friend sent me a copy, but I’ve not read it yet, so I’m certain.  


That word thought was followed by word, “pursue,” and was finally, the word, “produce”  


Here are some definitions for these three words:  


Purpose: A striving toward a desired or intended result or effect.  The determination involved to accomplish or achieve a goal.


Pursue: To follow in an effort to capture or overtake.  To strive to obtain or accomplish.


Produce: To bring forth and/or give rise to.


When one has a purpose, that purpose must be chased/sought after (pursued) to achieve its desired effect, result, and/or goal.  One cannot acquire anything toward the completion of a purpose (goal) if no effort is made to achieve it.  Then finally, during the pursuit of purpose, the produce of fruit as Jesus calls it in John 15:8, can be observed during the “chasing.”  


There’s a story told about a Christian man who had a purpose to really know all he could about God, and from God.  He pursued this purpose by actively seeking God in prayer.  One time he asked God to show Him everything that there is know.  God answered him by telling him that He would not show him everything there is to know, but that he would show him everything there is to know about “one” thing. 


As the man continued to pursue his purpose to know all that he could about God and from God, God began to show him all the wonder and intricacies of a little item known as, “the peanut.”


That man was George Washington Carver.  You may know that by God’s grace, he discovered and “produced” over 300 items that had its origin in the peanut.  Because of the purpose he pursued, what he produced from the peanut greatly benefited mankind.


Let me give you a more current, “rubber meets the road” example.  I recently had the pleasure of working with and for, a delightful lady named Alice Quint.  Mrs. Quint is 83 years old.  I wouldn’t have guessed anywhere near her age before she told me, but this lady was passionately and vigorously, working toward a purpose to feed the hungry, at the age of 83!  Needless to say, I was impressed. 


Mrs. Quint pursued her purpose in the way she instructed those of us who were working with her to categorize and organize the food she’d arranged to be collected for people in need.  At the end of the day, her leading and managing of us volunteer workers (about 20 or so) reaped noticeably productive results.


When I visited a Nursing Home with the Missionary Department of a church two days later, it was obvious to me that these folk, under the direction of their director, definitely had a purpose.  They pursued that purpose as they ministered to the residents and their efforts were undeniably productive as the residents sang and smiled and rejoiced in response to the loving and selfless efforts of the Missionary Team. 


God has designed and established a purpose in each one of us.  We must know it by seeking Him (Psalm 105:4, Proverbs 8:17), go after it vigorously by pursuing it (Psalm 63:7-8), and finally, be productive (Galatians 6:4) as we operate in it.


God gave me a specific purpose in 2002.  That purpose, which has become my personal mission statement, is as follows: To educate people in understanding, believing, adhering to and correctly applying the Word of God in all aspects of living.


I’m pursuing the ability to be able to do that by seeking God through prayer, and study of His Word – personally and academically.  It is my heartfelt prayer that my efforts are being productive as I share what He imparts and is imparting to me to others and I want to be productive in both His sight, and in the lives of others.


Get a hold of your Purpose, Pursue it, and Produce results that will glorify God!      

Copyright © Paul Schneidmill