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Paul Schneidmill


For some time now, there’s been a big emphasis on designating and/or determining what is “real.”


I’ll explain. 


Most pizza chains or distribution companies emphasize that their pizzas are made with 100% “real” cheese.  Some household product manufacturers emphasize select cleaning products that have 100% “real” lemon juice.  A soft-drink company once professed that their drink was the “real” thing.  Television is now over-inundated with “reality” programs, and recently, I heard an advertisement for a legal firm that proclaimed their firm employed and utilized “real” lawyers.


So, there you have it…the all across-the-board push to distinguish or indicate that which is supposed to be, or believed to be, “real.”


Here are just a few things I’ve observed regarding these efforts:


1) I found out some time ago that by and large, the systems in place that are responsible for reporting the news (whether in print or via broadcasting), often do not give the “real” story.


2) During America’s last Presidential election, the candidate that did not win was endorsed, promoted, and represented by a plethora of individuals who make their living pretending to be “real” people.


3) One television network recently implied they were going to stop producing “reality-type” programs because that vehicle of programming had been counter-productive to their business success.


Now, I don’t want to get on the “real” issues bandwagon in quite the same way society has embraced and enjoys it, but I do want to talk about one area that is the basis for the title above.


Thanks to my children who are often coming to my wife and I to report an error message on our computer or a problem with their electronic game machines (and unless it can be resolved, their lives will just be miserable), I’d like to discuss and distinguish today’s commonly known and used automation, from “real” automation.


The automation man has presently come to know, love, and be so dependent upon, is of course that which has to do with the electronic world of information that is only a click away on our computers, cameras, telephones (camera-telephones), watches, rings, pens, tie-clips, and who knows what else is capable of being digitally fed with “bytes” of information.


“Real” automation, per yours truly, is and can be found in a very old invention known simply as, a book.


I qualify that a book is “real” automation, because by and large (depending upon its author) a book provides “real automatic information” without having to be plugged in, turned on, or powered up.  Additionally, a book doesn’t require a password or log-on criteria, has no need to be shut down, re-booted or re-started, won’t give you an error message (again, this is dependent upon its author), or freeze on you so you cannot move forward.  A book has only one consistent and constant stipulation: it must be “read” to obtain the “real automatic information” within its content.


I’ve read lots of books that provided me “real automation.”  However, there’s one “book” in particular that I read portions of daily, and as a whole, cyclically, each year I’m allowed to live, by its primary Author, Editor, and Publisher. 


This particular book is a totally complete volume with two distinct sections consisting of a total of 66 books, 1,189 chapters, and 783,137 words. 


It’s a historical and chronological book (Genesis 5:1, Matthew 1:1), a book of records (1 Samuel 10:25, 1 Kings 11:41, 2 Chronicles 24:27, Ezra 4:15), a book of military campaigns (Numbers 21:14), a law book (Deuteronomy 28:61, Joshua 1:8, 2 Chronicles 34:15, >Nehemiah 8:3, 8), a covenant book (2 Chronicles 34:31), a prophetic book (Revelation 22:10), a book of life (Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5; 13:8; 20:12), and so very much more! 


It is completely and fully overflowing with authentic and automatically available/accessible information.  It’s loaded with energy, power, and truth, and the thing that sets this book apart, far and above all other books, is that this particular book is actually alive!!! (Hebrews 4:12)


I’m sure by now you know or have guessed that this book is, the Bible.  Therefore, I invite you to get one and read it.  I assure you it will never shut down on you, have a glitch, display pop-up advertisements, and never, ever get a virus. 


This book comes with a life-time guarantee and warranty, and will always, always provides indispensable and “real automation.”


By the way, guess what I’m going to do the next time my kids report an error message?


Copyright © Paul Schneidmill