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Paul Schneidmill


Very much like my friend and mentor who created, developed, and manages this website; the illustrious and inimitable Command Sergeant Major (ret.) James D. Pendry, I write about the things that I’m familiar with, feel, know, observe, research, and see.


With that being said, let me go on record to state unequivocally that I detest “Reality Shows.”


I prefer intrigue, mystery, and suspense when I do get to watch television, and if there’s to be any reality involved in the programming, show me something that has historical basis with factual references (based on a true story) instead of showing me someone doing their business in a bathroom on a toilet while talking on a cell phone.


If you really want to get my attention, just give me some ole’ fashioned “shoot em up” westerns (or football – professional, not college) and I’ll be content.


The thing I dislike about the cavalcade of reality shows that our culture appears to have fallen in love with; is that the reality that is shown is the reality that shouldn’t be shown.


Why someone would want to view on a regular and/or continual basis, the pathetic antics of a person or people having multiple illicit and unusual affairs during an interview or a court trial; fighting with the police while incoherent, inebriated, and partially or totally naked; eating a ridiculous amount of slugs and snails while walking waist-deep through a sewer after jumping out of an airplane; or betray the gift of friendship on a remote island to earn a paltry sum of money (any amount for doing that is paltry), is outside my grid-square of understanding.


I know that there’s a reality to all of this (in reality), but I also know there’s virtually no benefit (apart from an individual understanding or distortion of the word, “entertainment”) to watching this and the plethora of related stuff that continues to show up on the screen, blocking out the better stuff.


Recently, my wife and I were watching one of these “Reality Shows.”  It’s called “America’s Top Model.”  The premise of this show is to show America the extent of what some young ladies will do under the “concept” of competition, to “win” a modeling contract. 


I thought the show was pointless. 


You see, the real “Top Model” in America is married to me and is/will be living the rest of her life with me.

America just doesn’t know that and I’d like to keep it that way, thank you very much.


There is something positive to be said about that which “shows” reality, but it is rare you will see it on television. 


The true reality of what should be “shown” today, in ways that include and exceed television, concerns a Person I had the pleasure and privilege of becoming acquainted with and related to, more than twenty years ago.


His name is Jesus.  He is the epitome of Reality.


He is mankind’s best “Big Brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)

He initiated, ran, and won “The Amazing Race.” (John 19:30, Hebrews 12:1-2)

He is the penultimate “Survivor.” (Revelation 1:17-18)

He will never be “The Bachelor.” (Jeremiah 3:14

He teaches what it really means to be “The Apprentice.” (John 13:13-15)

He freely offers all “The Simple Life” (Matthew 11:29-30, John 10:10; 14:6), and  

He will always be the “Top Model” (1 Peter 2:21) for the entire world!


He is the One whose Reality really “Shows” – undeniably, unmistakably and eternally!         





Copyright © 2004 Paul Schneidmill