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Paul Schneidmill


My daughter, “The Amazing Angela,” recently joined the ranks of the “double-digit” age group – i.e., on September 12, 2005, Angela became a proud ten-year-old.    


As stated in my 2004 submission regarding her illustrious and inimitable character, Angela is a unique little young lady – especially by her Dad’s admission. 


Here’s an example of what I’m stating: Angela made a special request for what she wanted as a gift for her 10th birthday, literally as the sun set on her 9th birthday. 


She wanted a puppy when she crossed the border of single digits to double digits. 


Dad (yours truly and indubitably) accepted her request and promised to get her a puppy by the celebratory occasion concerned for the following year.


Being the dog aficionado that I am and knowing that the best type of puppy/dog a young child could have was a Labrador.  I told Angela how loyal, playful, protective, and smart Lab’s were and that this was the type of dog she should get.


Now, remember; I told you Angela was amazing.  She agreed wholeheartedly with my reasoning and put her stamp of approval on the decision by saying, “As long as it’s a dog.”  (That’s right – my daughter said that!”)


At that, I began saving diligently toward this future and expected gift.


About ninety days prior to September, I had close to 500 smackers saved up.  Labrador puppy sale advertisement costs in the local dishrags, I mean, newspapers; indicated I would have no problem keeping my promise. 


Dads must keep their promises. (Ephesians 6:4, Psalm 103:13)


Imagine my surprise when a mere (yet critical) two weeks before Angela’s birthday, puppy Labs were now being advertised for sale from $900.00 to $1300.00!  Who was distributing them?  Was it OPEC?


I now had to turn my sights on “mixed” Labradors, so I called a person who was selling “mixed” Lab puppies in my price range (I’d even have enough money left over to buy the little critter some food) and arranged to view the merchandise that very evening.


Well, to make a lengthy story somewhat briefer, Angela accompanied me to the site and selected the puppy of her choice.  She chose a little fellow who was a mixture of Labrador, Border Collie, and Australian Shepherd, and between you and me, he looked like all three – curly tail, big feet, pointed ears and black, brown, and white, all over.


“Zack,” affectionately abbreviated in honor of the Biblical Old Testament prophet named Zechariah, is now the “Newcomer” in Schneidmill home.  He’s a little unusual from the dogs I’ve had previous experience with (he tries to eat pinecones and leaves and similar vegetation), but Angela loves him and the rest of my familial crew is getting attached to him. 


There’ll be more to relate about “Zack” as he grows, we grow to know him, and both reflect life’s examples and teachings.         


 Paul Schneidmill © Copyright 2005