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J D, I wrote this poem for a friend of mine whose grandson is serving overseas. His name is PFC James Spriggs. He is a Paratrooper Infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division U.S. Army. On Jan. 9th 2004 he reported for duty in Baghdad, Iraq. PFC Spriggs enlisted in the Army 2-27-02. He spent time in Afghanistan to provide convoy security and to assist Special Forces groups with their searches for Taliban Leaders and Taliban foot soldiers. Almost half of his enlistment has been spent in combat or deployment in behalf of our country.†† - Sandra

Thank You, Brave Soldiers

By - Sandra Kicklighter

This is my country, no where else I would be,

Itís the home of the brave and the land of the free.

From Ocean to Ocean, thru mountains and plains,

This is my country where freedom still reigns.

Thru great days and sad times our Flag still does fly,

Itís because of our soldiers, thoí so many have died.

In pursuit of our freedom, and our way of life,

Our soldiers exist now with horror and strife.

We complain here at home, "Our lifeís not the best,"

"The bed is too hard, we canít get no rest,"

"The stores which we go, no bargains to find,"

"The price of our gas, drives us out of our mind."


Now try to imagine youíre a soldier at war,

The Earth is your bed and there is no store.

Youíre submerged in a land where death is so near,

Itís your constant companion, yet you reign in your fear.

How petty we are to complain and to moan,

Over things that donít matter while weíre safe at home.

If we could imagine one day over seas,

Iím sure in our hearts our complaining would cease.

This is my country, no where else I would be,

Thank you brave soldiers for keeping it free.


Mere words cannot express the feelings, but I hope in some small way this

poem will let our soldiers know they are remembered and honored each day.