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The Reason

JD Garrett


The life of a Soldier is uncertain and grim.

Their pride in their work pushes people from them.

Having a duty to Country, Family and Self.

But when done with their duty, they are put on the shelf.


In those times of crisis, when citizens run scared,

And the electorate founders, confusion fills the air.

On whom do they call?  They who created this mess.

Why, the brave, silent Soldier.  Once again to face death.


So sit there my friends, in your warm cozy places.

With the home fires warming your bright shining faces.

Never give them a thought, out in the cold, deadly night.

See, while you sit there at home, their job is to fight.


For what we believe in, the right to be free.

To control ones own destiny.  The right to be ME.

To CHOOSE to be a Soldier or to sit warm at home.

This is why they sit in the cold dark……alone.


The life of a Soldier is lonesome within.

The next time you see one,

Smile.  Shake their hand.  Say, “Thank You”.


We wouldn’t be here, but for them!



         © J D Garrett

                                                                             10 December 1990