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Thinking Of Soldiers


Janelle Leek


I sit alone on a sandy cliff
I watch the waves crash to shore
I think of my soldiers in far away lands
I wonder if I'll ever see them again
I know they fight to keep me free
I hope and pray they come home soon
All four of them so dear to my heart
As the winds ruffle through my hair
I come here to think and clear my head
I guess so far the news is good
Last I heard they are all coming back
We just don't know when
The first is tried and true
He saves the other soldiers' lives
The second, strong and brave
I didn't get to tell him goodbye
The third is blood, I love him so
I hope to see him come Christmas time
The fourth got me through the worst in life
My safe harbor, now so far away
Maybe I'll never be a military wife
Never have to tell my kids why Daddy won't be home
But I know how they feel, my soldiers I miss
I wonder if the four think of me too


Copyright 2004