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This Wonít Go Away

Robert M. Mayhew


The birds you care for

Night and day

The daisies apparel

On fine display


Yet food in our house

And clothes on our back

That kind of faith

I sorely lack


While in the womb

You knew me well

Your hands nearby

Incase I fell


Youíve numbered the hairs

Upon my head

But my measure of faith

Is all but dead


How many times

Did my life You spare

From bodily harm

And Satans snare


Why oh God

Is faith not here

In this shell of a man

You hold so dear?


Where is the faith

That can part the sea

And displace mountains

And display to me


The mighty works

Of those gone before

Abraham, Moses

And so many more?


Why can we not do

Those things today

Has the Bride of Christ

Gone so astray


Tell me please God

Which way to go

Tell me dear God

Iíve got to know


How can I link

My heart with Yours

How does Heaven

Open itsí doors


To pour out on us

Your Spirit of Love

And Faith and Hope

From Heaven above


Dear God my heart hurts

For wanting to know

What is the key

Where do I go


What do I read

What do I say

Show me God Show me

This wonít go away


The clay is ready

For the Potter to mold

Do so dear Father

In a Spirit so bold


For this earthly life

Is fleeting so fast

That once distant future

Is now my past


You anguished up there

On that cross in pain

To save mankind

From a world gone insane


That measure of Love

I want in my heart

And that measure of

Faith in whole, not in part


My precious, precious God

Creator of man

I give to You

My heart in my hand


I wait upon you

This spot I wonít leave

ĎTill this pain in my heart

You sooth and relieve


Answer God Please

Of You I implore

From your servant in Christ





Copyright © Robert M. Mayhew