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Paul Schneidmill


You said you weren’t physically tired   that day

Like the popular story   your historic act declares

You said you refused   to give up the seat you paid for

Because of the injustice you experienced   most everywhere


Your courage that day, jump-started a movement

To prove mass mistreatment towards a people was wrong

Motivated by your bravery, a young preacher stood up

And inspired an entire nation to love   and dream strong


For many, many years, you served tirelessly and unceasingly

To progress a people   of every shade of brown

Of all the individuals   who have distinctly affected history

In the hearts of Black folk, you shall always be renowned


Now that you’ve transitioned from labor   to reward

May the world ever salute your life’s engraved mark

Immensely enjoy eternity   in the presence of the Lord

And thank you so much for being   Rosa Parks   


Paul Schneidmill © Copyright 2005