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Paul Schneidmill


At the close of Week #10 here at the good ole’ Army Management Staff College’s (AMSC) Sustaining Base Leadership and Management (SBLM) course 05-2, I am able to look back at my time here thus far and be grateful and feel humbled…


I’m humbled, literally…mentally, emotionally, physically, to include a few other “lees” that have not yet been introduced into the English language…


Of a truth, the faculty and the curriculum at this most excellent and prestigious Army training school, have worked me like a man pushing an eighteen-wheeled truck up a steep hill with the emergency brake engaged.   


At the end of Week #10, the class is winding down to a close and I’m wearing down to a...well, I don’t know how to describe it…I’m just wearing down…


In pure honesty, the school is not the only reason I’m feeling worn down (though I must give them credit for being a strong contributor).  In addition to learning and working here at this most excellent and prestigious Army training school (…I know…I’ve already said that…), I still have the responsibility and requirement of being a husband, a dad, an employee and a minister of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – the Crucified, Risen and Living Lord, and Son of the Living God.


Therefore, I’ve had to keep up with taking care of, staying in communicative contact with, and spend as much time (as the course allowed) with my wonderful treasure – wife (Matthew 6:21) and blessing and gift – children (Psalm 127:3). 


I’ve also had to come in to work from time to time to assist in my area of expertise when necessary.


Additionally and finally, I’ve had to prepare, study, and preach sermons as the opportunities to do so, came about.


I am grateful for the educational opportunity the school has given.  I also love being with my family, very much like my job, and absolutely appreciate and enjoy the fact that God has entrusted me with His Word (1 Thessalonians 2:4) and gives me the privilege of preparing and preaching the message of His Word.  


The preparation and study of God’s Word is an absolutely amazing time spent with the Father in His Word.


The preaching portion is wonderful too…until the message is concluded and you go home…that is because preaching – proclaiming the Word of God out of the human body (mine, at least) is like a man pushing an aircraft carrier across a desert with all the anchors hanging down from it (…this one is much different than the one you read in paragraph #3…).

So, the good ole’ AMSC’s SBLM 05-2 course portion of my life is winding down and it has (along with other things) been wearing me down.


However, I am committed to embracing the responsibilities and requirements of family life…I am determined to continue to apply myself within the rigors of employment…and I definitely want to keep on preaching the Word of God until I’m unable to do so evermore.


So, before I close this submission with a prayer, I want to say to the school in advance, “So long, school, and thanks for the teaching…and the workout…”


“Lord, I thank You for allowing me to attend this school and, I thank You that it is winding down.  Now, Father, I pray You will continue to equip and use me in the capacity You have specifically designed and prepared me for…wear me down, Lord, please wear me down…”



Paul Schneidmill © Copyright 2005