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We're Important Too


1SG Robert M. Mayhew



Outside was so grand
As birds chirped out a song,
But inside my house
Something was terribly wrong.


See, something had happened
Which we just hadn't planned,
My Daddy was sent
To a far away land.


My Mommy is crying,
Her eyes fixed in a stare,
While hugging her legs
In our living-room chair.


Mommy's heart hurts
Oh that I can tell,
More than my knees
Last week when I fell.


She isn't like Mommy
She feels all alone,
Empty and scared,
In our very own home.


"Mommy", I said,
"I know Daddy's just fine,
We'll soon be together
Just give it some time.


Until he comes home
To both you and me,
The Army will help us,
Just you wait and see.


The Army has people
Who help and who care,
For families like ours
You know they'll be here.


They can show us how to do things
That Daddy's always done,
Writing checks, changing tires
And burping just for fun.


We'll slip those slimy worms
Upon those pointy hooks,
And crunch our knuckles
    tightening pipes,
And give those nasty looks."


My Daddy's not a rich man,
Dressed up for all to see.
He's not a Colonel or a Sergeant
But he is a PFC.


No, they won't forget us,
We're important just like Dad,
'Cause he's the bestest soldier
That they've ever had.


"They won't will they Mommy?
'Cause that just wouldn't be right,
If they went and forgot about us
When Daddy's gone to fight."


I sure hope they'll visit
Dear God I do pray,
'Cause Mommy and me
Just can't continue this way.


Living like this
Is oh such a chore,
"Mommy. . . .
Could it be,
Someone's at the door.


Oh Mommy it's them!
We really should have known,
The Army always does
Take care of it's own."


Copyright Robert M. Mayhew