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J. D. Pendry

"I have a question. I have read the NCO Creed. My question is... What is an NCO and how important are NCO's in the military, what is expected of them? Thank you for any feed back." - SPC Patrick F. Ortiz

SPC Ortiz, thank you for posing a question that caused me, and I hope many others, to critically think. I could respond with much rhetoric and many quotes, but I won't. I've chosen, instead, a few words that I believe may partially answer your important question. However, I must tell you that the answer to your question lies within you. What's important at the end of the day is, what do you believe a NCO is or should be? What do you expect of them? How important do you feel NCOs are to the Army? When you can answer those questions through your own critical thought, then you will have established the standards by which you will perform if you choose to become a noncommissioned officer.

A noncommissioned officer is the BACKBONE.

Benchmark - the standard by which others are measured.

Able - has sufficient power and possesses the requisite intelligence, knowledge, skill, and competence to accomplish an objective.

Coach - intensively trains soldiers or teams of soldiers in the fundamentals through instruction, demonstration, and practice.

Knowledgeable - ply their trade based on many years of hands on familiarity and experience passed to them by their predecessors.

Buttress - a pillar of support and stability to the Army enabling leaders to accomplish the mission while never forgetting the most basic responsibility of caring for their soldiers.

Operator - they are shrewd and skillful in overcoming obstacles to getting tasks accomplished and exert their influence to cause the right things to happen for their soldiers.

No Nonsense - they avoid ideas and concepts that are contrary to good sense and do not support what does not contribute to mission accomplishment or survivability of their soldiers.

Excels - they are clearly distinguishable by their superiority in knowledge, skill and ability to surpass others in performance. They lead the way.