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The Cajun Medevac Few

SSG Michael Curtis

Now children, sit and listen well of some soldiers I once knew.
Of pilots, and some crew chiefs and the operations few, of maintenance and medics and the headquarters crew too.
Their task was then, to help sick men and little children too.
They did it well, as their stories tell,
the Cajun Medevac few.

The tales are all so daring, of the pilots perfect flight,
the crew chiefs never dropped a wrench and maintenance worked through the night.
Of medics who never lost a soul, or operations a flight. Of headquarters with that great beef stew and our pay was always right.
Their stories they are made to meld, and tell of tales so bold. The
adventures seemed to find them all, no bar to young or old.
So listen well the tales they tell,
the Cajun Medevac few.

The Cajun name, became quite famed and was known throughout the land.
Nomission was too great or small; to help their fellow man.
These men of men, were giants then, their brilliance lit up the night.
The generals all would smile with joy to know they were at hand.
The greatest care, for all in the land, from
the Cajun Medevac few.

So listen well, these tales they tell; some of them are true.
Of great, bold flights on the coldest nights, with the sickest patients too.
From the crackle of the radios, to the thumping of the blades
it all came together and many lives were saved.
The feats were bold and daring, but performed by common man.
These giants then, they are your friends, your neighbors and family too.
There are out there, they're everywhere,
the Cajun Medevac few.

As the years go by and the stories pass I think of one and all.
So do not fear, in my twilight years, when a tear begins to fall.
They are my friends, these giants them and I miss them one and all.
The Cajun Medevac Few.

© Michael Curtis