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The Wisdom of Children

Paul Schneidmill

I have three great kids; one is 22 (almost), living in New Jersey, and the other two (Paul-6 and Angela-3), wonderfully graces our home.

One Sunday night as our family was driving home from an evening worship service, about a mile from home at a stoplight, Paul a.k.a. P.J. informed me that his sister didn't have her seat belt on.

I am/was certain that I had secured her in her seat belt prior to pulling out of the church parking lot, so I said, "Angela, did you take your seat belt off?"

She said, "No."

I asked her again, a little more firmly, "Angela, did you take your seat belt off?"

She said, "No."

It dawned on me that I needed to rephrase my question in order to clear my conscience regarding parental negligence in the area of operating an automobile with children passengers.

I said, "Angela, tell the truth, you're not gonna get a spanking. Did you take your seatbelt off?"

She said, "Yes."

I turned around in the passenger seat (wife was driving), re-fastened Angela, and once again, told her the importance of keeping her seat belt on. Then the wisdom of her brother kicked in.

"See Angela" he said, "That wasn't so bad telling the truth. You should always tell the truth." (My wife and I looked at each other) Then he added, "That's something I'm still working on." (My wife and I looked at each other again)

If the truth is told, we all have some things that we're still working on as we journey through this life. (I mean, if a 6-year-old can identify this, ... c'mon)

We're not going to be able to correct or fix everything in and of ourselves, and the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 5:7, to "Place all your cares and concerns upon God, for He cares and is concerned about you. (paraphrase: mine)

Give the things you've recognized and have the inner assurance about yourself, that are detrimental to your treating others as you want to be treated (Matthew 7:12) to God, and allow Him to work unhinderedly on your maintenance request.

He's the "ultimate" in completing work order requests

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