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A Fire Fighter's Night

C/CPT Michael Lucas

Lying in bed,
Thinking about tomorrow,
Wondering if I'll see her again,
Wondering if she'll still love me.

The pagers go off,
The sirens sound,
As my heart stops,
And I feel the rush.

There's a house fire on 4th Street,
As I rush to the station,
A thousand thoughts race through my head.

Will I make it back?
Will I get the chance to say, "I love you" one more time?
Or will the fire claim one more?
Will it take my life with no remorse?

As I pull in,
I grab my gear,
And jump in the truck.

We race to the scene,
As we see the house that is engulfed in flames,
As a child looks out the 2nd story window,

We rush to put on our oxygen packs,
Then grab the hose and rush in,
I lose my partner,
As he goes a different way.

I go to the 2nd floor,
I break open the door,
And see the flames surround a girl crying.

I take her in my arms and run out,
As I go through the door, the house falls,
With my partner inside.

The girl runs to her parents,
As they thank me,
As they start to cry
But that can't stop the pain inside.

As I fall to my knees,
And I take the pack off,
I look at the house
As a tear escapes my eye,

Knowing it could have been me,
Knowing it should have been me,
My mind is made up,
I'm the one to break the news to his family.

I can't fight the tears no more,
Because I loved him like a brother,
Now he lay lifeless,
As they bring him out.

I go straight home
Still in gear,
I take off my helmet and stare at the one I love,
Knowing it could have been her getting the call saying I'm not coming
back tonight

I kiss her cheek and lips and whisper "I love you,"
Just in case tomorrow never comes,
As the siren goes off again and my heart stops as fear enters,
I ask God to bring me back one more time.

© Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas was a JROTC Cadet Captain company commander in the Riverside High School, Warrior Battalion, Belle, West Virginia and a volunteer firefighter when he wrote this poem. Following high school, he enlisted in the Navy.