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The Flag Bearer

Paul Schneidmill

On a recent morning, as I was driving to work on the installation I'm employed on, I observed a lone Flag Bearer walking toward a destination that I'm certain, required the presence of the flag.

Maybe the Flag Bearer was taking the flag to a ceremony or a ceremony rehearsal (a change of command, an induction, or a promotion). Maybe the transported banner would be posted outside of a unit orderly room or be identified in a morning accountability formation.

Regardless of the purpose the flag would be used this day, or any other day, it would be positioned somewhere as a means of identification. It would be placed or posted somewhere that it would be noticeably visible.

The lone bearer walked proud and erect, but I doubt that I would have noticed him with the same degree of attention, had he not been carrying that flag. The flag made him more than just a lone soldier walking around a post. The flag, that banner, visually identified him as a representative of a unit.

After the Amalekites were defeated during the first battle the
Israelites experienced on the other side of the Red Sea, following their deliverance from captivity in Egypt, Moses built an altar to the God of the Bible and called the altar, Jehovah-nissi. The Hebrew translation of that phrase meant, "The Lord is my Banner". (Exodus 15:26)

The Christian, the believer and follower of Jesus Christ, has been adopted into the family of God and receives all the blessings, rights and privileges of God's originally chosen people, the Hebrews. In light of that, the Lord is the banner, the flag of the Christian.

God's character, nature, and spirit indwell the Christian and visually identify him to others, just like that flag identified the Flag Bearer as belonging to a distinct unit.

If you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, He is your banner, your flag. Just be mindful that He lives, He resides in us and we are to bear Him, represent Him in all that we say or do.

Be noticeable and visible and proudly bear the "flag" that identifies you with Whom you belong to and don't be ashamed to let it be known (Romans 1:16).

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