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Friends Worth Finding

Paul Schneidmill

Today, a large percentage of men don't have what I would quantify as "male friends".

I'm not sure if most of us men really are certain what the word "friend" actually means. Allow me to not get psychological or technological as I relate the meaning of the word more understandably, along these lines:

A friend is someone who says good things about you behind your back.

A friend is someone who will have already gone great lengths for you, long before you need him to go the extra mile.

A friend ensures you stay on track when you become negligent in driving the train.

... and as my friend JD says, "A friend is someone who won't let you walk around with a booger in your mustache".

Proverbs 27:17 effectively says, It takes iron to sharpen iron and in like manner, a man (friend) is needed to sharpen the character of a friend (paraphrase mine).

We get "dull" when we have no friends to keep us sharp. We develop a "ragged edge" when there's no friend to keep us accountable and honorable. We men need to foster male friendships, so we can keep each other sharp.

We are the patriarchs of the future and what we plant for the future is what will be plucked up in the future.

According to that same Bible book previously mentioned, a friend loves (is united with you in the concerns and quality of your life) at all times...(paraphrase mine) and if you have a friend that exhibits those qualities, retain that comrade. If not, seek one out because that's a friend worth finding.

Jesus is a friend worth finding. He'll even find you and stick closer to you than an identical, Siamese twin brother (deep, wasn't it?). He'll keep you accountable and honorable and He definitely won't let you walk around with a booger in your mustache.

My friend JD probably got that from Him.

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