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Only God Knows Why

Michael Lucas

Who would have thought?
That today would be the last
The last time I got to see you
The last time I got to laugh with you
The last time I got to talk to you
It seemed like yesterday we were talking
But yesterday is just a memory
For every rose has its thorn
Today I feel the thorn for yesterday's rose

You've always been there for me
We've been through thick and thin
You've never left me; you've always been beside me
Every time I had a problem that I couldn't handle
You were there to get me through it
Every tear I cried
You were there to wipe away
You were more than a friend
In more ways than one, more than words can say

When I heard the news
That I would never see you again
I couldn't hide the pain inside
I felt my heart break
And the tears filled my eyes
I looked for you to come ease my pain,
Pretending this was a dream
But I found you weren't there,
Turning my dream into a nightmare
And my heart shattered into pieces
As I broke down and lost control of my world
That you helped keep together

I've been told the quietest sound
Is the sound of letting go
If that play true
Then the sound of letting you go
Is the quietest sound I'll ever come to know
As my heart mends back together
It will be missing a piece
That piece you took with
You the day you left me

I try and remember the good times we had
But it isn't easy being strong when I can't forget you're gone
I always thought you would be here forever
To help me down this road of life
How could I have been so blind?
Cause I know nothing lasts forever
I've asked God the same question a thousand times over
I wonder why you had to leave me so soon
Only to get the same answer time and time again
Only God knows why

© Michael Lucas