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Heaven Can Help

Paul Schneidmill

In the book of 2 Kings 18, King Hezekiah and the people of Judah in Jerusalem, were besieged by King Sennacherib of the Assyrians. The Assyrians were going around trying to harass and whip up on everybody, simply because they thought they could. Hezekiah and his folk were outnumbered, so they sent for re-enforcements (Prayed to GOD).

Word came back to Hezekiah, through the S-3 (Isaiah), from Command HQ (Heaven), that the CIC (GOD) would take care of the matter.

Verse 35 of 2 Kings 19, records for us in this infallible book, that an angel of the Lord was sent on a mission to contact. This one angel engaged the enemy single-handedly and took out 185,000 Assyrians (no, Audie Murphy does not have the record).

I believe it is possible that this angel was a highly trained and decorated (from previous missions) infantry soldier, who volunteered for the mission, and upon returning to the throne room of GOD and disseminating his SITREP, was given a 3 day pass... that's what I believe.

What I know, is that Heaven can help when you're facing a situation where the odds are stacked against you, ... but it's necessary to have a personal connection with the CIC.

This is easier than getting a hold of our Nation's CIC. Just enlist in His army and dedicate yourself to serve, ... the benefits, ... are out of this world!

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