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"If Only You Knew"

Michael Lucas

I lie in bed thinking
Thinking about you
I wish I could make you mine
I wish I could hold you in my arms
It always seems like a dream
Me holding you the way I want too
If there was only some way I could let you know
About the way I feel
About how my heart stops every time I see you
But there's that fear deep inside of me
The fear of what you will say
I just wish I could tell you, but I can't

I lie in bed sleeping
Dreaming about you
Every dream I dream you are there
Me and you
Side by side
I wish my dreams were a reality
I wish they would come true
I wish there were some way I could make you feel the way I do
The way I feel, it makes me wanna cry
Because I know it will never be
Just me and you
I wanna tell you I love you
I just wish I could tell you this, but I can't

I lie in bed crying
Crying because you're not there
Your not there to hold
Your not there to love
If I could only find the words
If I could only find the courage
Then maybe you would be there
Sometimes I wonder if God is toying with me
Playing with my heart, playing with my emotions
I can't hide this pain inside that I feel for you
If only I could look in your eyes

Then I would know for sure
I just wish I could, but I know I never will

If nothing else
I want to tell you
It's that I love you
I always have
I always will
Nothing will ever change
I just wish I could tell you
Maybe one day I will
This pain inside my heart gets stronger every day
If only you could see inside my heart,
Inside my soul
Then you would know
How much I want you to be mine
If only you knew

© Michael Lucas