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Leaderhsip Tips

Leadership Lessons From General Colin Powell
Combat Training Tips - COL (R) David Hackworth

Humor Contributed to the Bunker

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Man's Rules
Murphy's Rules of Combat

Articles Contributed to the Bunker

The Backbone of the Task Force
The Logistics Release Point Meeting
Building an Engagement Area
Casualty Evacuation
Far Foward Medical Care
The Counter Reconnaissance Fight
Confessions of a Nintendo Soldier
Coed Training
Soldier Morale: The Missing Link
Canteen Cups
Approach March Movement to Contact
Bridging a Doctrinal Gap - Movement to Contact
Teach, Coach and Mentor
Farewell Old Soldier
Be a Soldier
First Sergeant Duty
Educating Noncommissioned Officers
The History of the Sergeant Major
Boot Camp Diary
I am a Soldier
The Center
Doubt versus Unbelief
Whay Are You Here

1998 and Earlier

Champion Six of Diamonds
The End of an Era
The Promotion Game - How to Compete
Leading in the Three-Meter Zone
It's Nice Enough To Die In
Two Dollars and Seventy Cents
APFT Procratinator's Club
A Lot of Stuff Can Happen
Politically Incorrect
How You Get to the Top Matters
Still Getting Fragged
Our Future
C'mere Hollywod
Am I Any Less of a Leader?
You Know What I really Like
Man of the House
A SWAGgin We Will Go
Do What's Best For Our Army
Mo' Money


Another Good Idea
Centralized Boards
Personal Courage
The Rule of the Harvest
Tips for Recruiters
Just Havin' Fun
You Know What We Really Need

Building a NCO Series

Setting the Foundation
Self Assessment
Personal Battle Focus - Mission and Goal
Personal Battle Focus - Personal Misson Essential Tasks
Personal Battle Focus - Personal Misson Training Plan
Personal Battle Focus - Review
Defining Leadership

JD Retires

Garden Party
Thoughts While Krogering
Thoughts While Painting the Basement
Thoughts While Sitting at the DMV
My Compliments to Your Wife
Thoughts While Staring at My Decapitated Clock
Thoughts While On Hold With the AVRS
Thoughts While Actually Running
Thoughts While Teaching Drill
Thoughts While Looking in the Mirror
Thoughts While Sitting on the Back Porch


Command Sergeants Major - Is there a problem?
Peacocks and Lilies
Bring Mommy to Boot Camp
Bucky Parks
Citizen Soldier?
CSMs are Dirtbags
Dear Jane
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue, Don't...giggle
Flame On!
How Well Are You Running?
Memo for the Chief Marketing Officer
I watched your kids today..
Looking Forward to the Past
Strippers, Dopers and Wannabe Porno Queens
G.I. Jane
Fit Fat Fit Fat
Don't Frighten The Horses
Fantasy Island
The Millennieum Army
The Wuss Paradox
When the going gets tough - turn tail...
Thank Your Mr. Gore
What Gore Said - What I Heard
It's How We Played the Game that Maters
Is it the Package or the Contents?
When Cultures Clash
Do You Reckon It's the Hats
And If Elected I Promise
Where do you wear your values?
It's Your Vote
Critical Thinking
Thanks Soldier
One Standard
Bilko or Rambo?


Why Quitters Quit
Look for the Good
Because it's the Law
More Because it's the Law
Maybe It's Time to Refocus
Deal With the Causes not the Symptoms
Fried Bologna and Pinto Beans
The Principles of Bathroom Remodeling
What do we Value?
Bugs on the Windshield
Ring Side Seats
It Doesn't Matter
Soldier - Politician - Correctness?
The Leadership Equation
Memory Joggers
How I Spent My Summer Vacation
September 11, 2001
September 11, 2001 - 2
Pancho Bin Laden
Dead Leaves
What Does Jane Think About?
Up Jumped A Monkey
Giving Back
Decision's Made
Promoting too Soon?


The Evolution of PT
Where is Jim White?
Choose Your Own Attitude
90 / 10
Your Legacy
Maybe It Ain't The Kids
The Red Rocket Road Trip
Generally Speaking
Fogie PT
Can You Hear Me Now?
Hilbilly Logic
Geezer's Game Plan
Just One Vote
Just the Facts - You Decide
East Virginia
Out Of Control E9


Clowns to the Left of Me
Test of Faith
Dancing in the Streets
Against All Enemies
JD's Unabashed Dictionary
Women In Combat and other...
Chasing Daylight
Duct Tape Your Head
Average America
Memorial Day
Politicians, Gullible Veterans and Hyperventilating Hillary
Getting Older or the Green Jello Diet
Reflection of Society
JD For Guvner
Promises Made, Promises Kept
In the ALCU We Trust
I Don't Think America Knows
It's Not the Economy Stupid
The Business End
Business Sense
Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid Idiot
Thank You
Muddy Water
Lieutenant Colonel West, Right or Wrong?"