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I'll See Him Again

Paul Schneidmill

A very good friend of mine is retiring from the Army. I preface the word friend with "good", because he is an honorable and treasurable one. Honorable, because I'm honored to know him, and treasurable, because I treasure our comradeship. I retired from the Army a few years ago and I'm certain I can identify with many of the thoughts he is experiencing in his private musings. God has been gracious to him and allowed him to
land squarely on his feet in the area of post retirement employment, but he's going to be moving out of the normal perimeter of where I'm used to reaching out and touching him for counsel, guidance, and overall conversation.

I know I'll see him again because even though he's moving away, I have the ability to read a map (no, I won't show up uninvited, but I know I could if I wanted to).

In 1942, General Douglas McArthur issued a famous statement just before his evacuation from the Philippines, in anticipation of the Japanese invasion. He said, "I shall return". Long before that historically recorded quote, two other notable people spoke words that were very similar. The first was Abraham, to his servants as he began to ascend Mount Moriah with his son Isaac (Genesis 22:5), and the second was Jesus, to His 12 disciples (John 14:3).

The people of the Philippines trusted General McArthur, took him at his word and believed they would see him again. Abraham's servants also believed him, that they would see him again as well. Both men kept their word. One thing should be noted here: Abraham and McArthur told specific people they'd be back, but Jesus wasn't speaking only to His original 12 disciples, He was, and yet is, speaking to all mankind. I believe emphatically, that He too, will imminently return.

Now, imagine you were one of those trusting servants of Abraham, or one of those Philippine people trusting McArthur, and when you heard their departing words, you said, "I'll see him again." Now imagine you were one of the original 12 disciples of Jesus, ... eyewitnesses to the miraculous healing of the sick and the raising of the dead, the restoration of sight to the blind and physical repairing of the physically impaired, the feeding of the thousands from an initial amount of food that could only have fed one person, and the ceasing of the stormy wind and waves by just the mention of His words (that's a short list). You too, would probably say to yourself when He said, "...I will come again...", that, "I'll see Him again."

I believe I'll see Jesus again too. "But wait a minute.", you say, "You weren't one of the original 12 disciples. You've never seen Jesus before." That's where you're wrong, dear reader. I've seen Him in the smile of a child. I've seen Him in the kindness of a complete stranger. I've seen Him in the wisdom of the aged, and in many other venues to numerous to define. I've also seen Him in His word, the Bible. Though never physically face to face, I've seen Him before many times and when He comes back, I will see Him as He is (1 John 3:2), face to face. That's why I know I will see Him again.

I'll see my friend J.D. again too, probably sooner than he expects (but that's his problem) and he better be ready to receive me,...just as we, mankind, ought to be ready for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We'll see Him again

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