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mechanical dogma

Lori Stroud

the world is full of robots
human flesh exchanged for some higher form
they rearrange their pathetic tissue
replace, reform
elevating themselves to this nothingness
self inflicted fractures, they replace their bodies
their bones with bars
aluminum, bleeding oxide
the drugs of gods, into their pounding veins
no face
no back
receiving eyes exchanged with fuses
blindness induced to prevent self destruction
blades implanted past their ribs
saves them from the due of inhalation
non-receptive, audio generators of signals
hexagonal bolts fill their mouths
sharpened to silence any who see different
without speech, free thinkers are dead
baptized in modern day *edited for content*
the final touch, the smoothing of features
completion of the greatest
mechanical dogma
new age

© Lori Stroud

Lori was a High School Student at Riverside High School, Belle, West Virginia when she wrote this poem. She was a Cadet Captain company commander in the Warrior Battalion. Following High School, she enlisted into the Army.