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Barbara Cox

God made special Angels, Their purpose to be
The soul mates of those in the Military
They will be understanding, Their wills shall be strong
To handle the hardships, as they come along

They were given a talent to make anywhere home
Far away from their families, and some times alone
To move on short notice, to a strange new place
And able to make a new life, at a new post or base

They must be loving, caring, trustworthy and wise
And to any occasion, they are ready to rise
They handle long times of being alone
Writing letters, making packages, and sit by the phone

They have pride in their country and the uniform
For this is the reason, for which they were born
They will keep the car running and mow the grass
Until the troops are home at last

God made special Angels, they are to be
The Brave men and women of our Military
God wanted the best for his service in life
So, he created the Military husband and wife

© Barbara Cox