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Thoughts While Actually Running

I read some statistics once. Frightening ones actually. They said that our average life span after retirement is about six years. If that's the average, then some of us go a lot sooner. I never really could figure out why that would be until I started my own transition.

First of all, let me suggest to all of you that if you are within a year of being retired and you've slacked off a bit on your PT now is a good time to crank it up and get in the best condition you can. Save your excuses for the mortician. Why? Well, I can only share with you my experiences and I will tell you I'm grateful for all the times I ran up Whipple hill on Fort Myer over the past few years.

Anxiety attacks. We're tough on the outside and we all try to maintain that image of toughness. But let me tell you, the first day that you don't have that Army job to go to expect to wake up in the middle of the night, in a sweat, wondering what happens now. Anyone who believes they can just walk away from what they've been doing more than half their lives without experiencing a little anxiety is fooling themselves - but not the mortician.

When is the last time you went for an actual job interview? Not the kind where you can go back to your old job if the General doesn't pick you, but the kind where you don't have one to go back to. When is the last time that you had to answer tough questions in an interview from someone young enough to be your child, but in a position to say, "we'll give you a call?" When is the last time you had to make a real tough choice about what you want to do with the rest of your life? Where does your other half want to live? What does he or she want to do? Do you take the money and a job you know you won't be happy at or do you forgo the money and take the job you know you'll enjoy? Do you have a house? Going to buy? Build? Medical coverage? Transportation? Door to door? Got enough savings? Any big debts? Pay off the car? And your head starts pounding, and the heart beats a little faster, the chest gets a little tighter...

Guys and gals take care of yourselves, because when the time comes even if you're firm on where you are going and what you are going to do, there are a million decisions to be made all of them impacting you and your families. You will feel every symptom I mentioned, but if you are in good physical condition you'll be OK.

Do your PT right up to the end, laugh out loud at your final PT Test and weigh in, then buy a beast and put it in your basement. Take care - I got more. -Dave

© J. D. Pendry