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Sailor Love

Michelle Ziadeh

She was once told the hardest way in life
was being that of a sailor's wife.
But she chose to ignore those words from the wise
to be with him, the love of her eyes.

Late in the night she hears cries from the deep
rousing her from peaceful sleep.
He's whispered her name with the roll of the tide
and she returns his love with gentle reply. . .

"My darling, my love, it's still You I adore"
turns with the waves to the ocean floor;
rides with the current through the ocean deep
seeking his soul to embrace and keep.

~ ~ ~

Where the ocean tide meets the dry land
she waits for him now alone in the sand.
Keeping watch both night and day
with her heart, she guides his way.

His lighthouse is she, casting a glow
by which he finds warmth from the lonely cold.
Bringing him home to the harbor, the shore
long-waiting the day he'll leave her no more.

With open arms, a gentle smile on her face
she greets him there with warm embrace.
They love in the light cast by hosts from above,
She and her man, her sailor love.

©1998, Michelle Ziadeh