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Viet Nam Vets


Sandra Kicklighter



He was sent to Viet Nam, so very far away,

    from his friends and family, he left that very day.

A soldier for America, he did not think to hide,

    fighting for his country, he loved deep down inside.


Through Viet Nam he traveled, so many traps about,

    his buddies falling to the ground, whenever shots rang out.

Through the marsh he crawled, watching out for snakes,

    rice paddies mixed with blood, it was more than he could take.


The Vietnamese children, joined into the fray,

    carrying bombs on their bodies, to blow our men away.

The friendly natives living there, turned their backs on him,

    for he was fighting a war, that America could not win.


When the war was over and the fighting was all done,

    broken in mind and spirit, they came back from Viet Nam.

They came home to their families, quiet as can be,

    remembering the men who died, the inhumanity.


There was no celebration when these men arrived,

    no respect for the living, or the many who had died.

Not even a simple thank you, we know you did your best,

    America turned its back that day, on Viet Nam Vets.


It's a sorry world we live in,

    when deserters are welcomed home,

Instead of our Veterans

    who'se courage did not roam.

Let us hope Americans,

    have learned their lesson today,

To always thank the Veteran,

    who did not run away.


Copyright 1997, Sandra Kicklighter, All Rights Reserved